Cybercy Services

Data Protection & Privacy

Our comprehensive privacy service provides you with operational resilience from a data protection and privacy perspective – and supports your business in being able to demonstrate ‘technical’ and ‘organisational’ measures in compliance with local and global data protection legislation.

Data Protection Readiness Assessment

Conduct a targeted assessment to understand your existing data privacy posture, identify potential GDPR compliance gaps/high-risk areas, and define a pragmatic remediation roadmap to meet your regulatory obligations.

Data Inventory and Data Mapping

Execute a detailed data analysis and data mapping exercise driving the identification of your critical data assets and corresponding data flows, enabling you to focus security and privacy efforts where it matters.

Privacy Target Operating Model

Establish a robust privacy policy and process framework, enabled by supporting technology, with compliance governance and oversight to drive the effective implementation of your privacy strategy.

Privacy by Design Framework

Develop an effective policy and process framework, supplemented by a robust Data Protection Impact Assessment, adequate change management, architectural and design guidelines and artefacts, allowing you to drive privacy by design and by default across the organisation.

Data Protection-led Technology Transformation

Design and implement technology solutions or changes to the existing technology landscape in order to help you meet your GDPR obligations through appropriate tooling, including but not limited to data warehousing solutions, automated data archiving and deletion procedures and organisation-wide consent management solutions.

Data Protection Readiness Programme

Support end-to-end Data Protection readiness activities through a clearly defined programme of work that focuses on achieving your compliance objectives using a risk-based approach, optimising existing data-driven services and technology solutions, helping you protect personal data across the estate and to promote brand trust.

GDPR Stress Testing and Assurance

Provide comprehensive GDPR programme assurance services, as well as simulated GDPR stress testing including: data breach simulation and incident management process review, subject rights testing and response evaluation, and data management practices review and resilience testing.

Data Protection Training and Awareness

Leverage a user-centric approach to communication, education and service design to develop a tailored GDPR training and communication plan which will enable you to build a privacy-first culture and drive effective behavioural change across the business

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Cyber Security

This service provides you with cyber resilience and supports your business in preventing operational incidents from impacting your consumers, markets and systems.

Cyber Transformation

Reducing cyber risk and costs can’t come at the expense of building a business that is equipped to meet new challenges and opportunities. A cyber security transformation can help you reduce risk and improve operational resilience, so you can embrace digital with confidence.

Defence and Detection

Organisations face many challenges when building cyber defence and detection capability. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, you need cyber security that not only protects your business today, but provides a resilient foundation for your longer-term digital transformation. Our cyber defence and detection team provides innovative, data-led security, giving you enhanced protection and visibility into potential attacks.

Incident response and recovery

Any business can fall victim to a cyber incident or crisis. The organisations that respond and recover most quickly and successfully are those that have prepared in advance and have the expertise and structure to guide them through such exceptional circumstances. We provide both practical advice and operational hands-on expertise to prepare for and respond to a cyber incident, helping to ensure business continuity while any recovery efforts take place.

Cyber Security Risk Advisory

To adapt and grow in a challenging environment, you need a transparent view of cyber risks that gives clarity on the decisions that matter. We can help you reduce cyber risk and build resilient operations by assessing your cyber security maturity and building a principles-based framework for governing cyber risk, while our data-driven approach to risk reporting ensures you continue to get actionable insights that support your business objectives.

Crest Penetration Testing

The CREST certification is a proven cyber security framework that demonstrates that we have up to date knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and techniques used by real attackers. Regular CREST penetration tests help to evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls. Though there are many different types of penetration tests, their main purpose is to closely examine weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and whether a hacker would be able to evade your security defences.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials (CE) is a government-backed cyber security certification scheme that sets out a baseline of cyber security suitable for all organisations. The scheme’s five security controls can prevent “around 80% of common cyber-attacks”. The certification is a valuable indicator that the organisation has taken the necessary measures to bolster Cyber Security and
reduce the risk of a cyber-attack.

Cyber Essentials PLUS

Cyber Essentials Plus provides a higher level of assurance. It involves us independently auditing your systems and utilising many vulnerability tools that actually test the measures put in place. The process can identify areas of security weakness that you may not have been aware of.

Securly: Web Filtration & Student Safeguarding Solution

Securly is a cloud-based safeguarding solution that enables schools to enforce web filtering and closely monitor content on student devices. Using artificial intelligence, Securly can monitor social media, web searches and documents to identify cyber bullying, suicidal thoughts and inappropriate content. Their
human safeguarding team is there around the clock to help schools identify risks.

Phishing Simulation

Cybercy helps your organisation to simulate realistic phishing attacks and help you discover how prone your organisation is to phishing.

Cyber Awareness programmes

Leverage a user-centric approach to communication, education and service design to develop a tailored cyber security training and communication plan which will enable you to build your cyber security culture and drive effective behavioural change across the business.

Dark web monitoring service

We provide a process for searching and keeping track of personal information found on a portion of the internet not accessible via normal means. This service can help you keep your organisation’s data safe and in doing so protect your organisation’s cyber resilience.

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Third-Party Risk

Streamline your third-party risk program and manage vendor relationships, from onboarding to off boarding. Leverage a third-party risk exchange of pre-completed vendor assessments to simplify the assessment process.

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Business Continuity

Managing risks such as cyber attacks and natural disasters means organisations need effective Business Continuity Management plans to help them quickly recover
from any event. The international standard ISO 22301:2012 provides a best-practice framework for implementing an optimised Business Continuity Management System, enabling you to minimise business disruption and continue operating in the event of an incident.

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Data Insights

A comprehensive analytics service to drive value through your data. Build a central data catalogue, link data to business glossaries, visualize relationships and lineage and apply data policies. We support your organisation to utilise your data and unlock insights that will drive your business processes and organisational change.

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Information Governance

Our Information Governance specialists take a holistic approach to managing your corporate information by implementing the required processes, roles, controls and metrics that treat your information as a valuable business asset.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our AI experts are on hand to support your organisation to find solutions for your needs and accelerate your AI roadmap. This includes our comprehensive services from modelling to optimisation and ultimately support organisations with their journey through AI.